Neeraj Sharma

Cyber Security Researcher, Project Manager, Full Stack Developer & Entrepreneur. Take a look at my portfolio to see what I was working.

Neeraj Sharma

Why be boring when you can create something memorable, fun and interesting?- Here's a little About Me

Independent Computer Security Researcher & Cyber Security Enthusiastic, Project Manager, Full Stack Developer and Entrepreneur.
I believe in working for Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Product and Generating Maximum Profits for Organisation I work with.

My eye for detail, fascination with all things creative, and team-oriented personality serve me well in the management and communications field. As a hobby hacker, I have worked with various multinational companies like Hungama Entertainment, Samsung, Zoho, GoFundMe, Videocon, Way2SMS, fxcompared etc as an Independent Security Researcher.

I'm an ambitious entrepreneur with a flair for the creative, specializing in communications, PR and marketing. Few of my ventures includes FreakSolution, Inspid, Grabprojects, TEN and most recent BotSavvy